In and Out

May 17, 1050 AD

Spike Cole and Abban Whitely finished their hit on Jor Jarn’s inn. The task was straight forward but limited available intel required them to search nearly every room on the bottom floor. Their previous scouting did aid them somewhat, however, as they were able to avoid searching the common room and guest floor.

The pair had to subdue multiple guard dogs, killing one in their hurry. Finally they reached what seemed a major administration room for Jor, with paperwork on multiple desks and in rows of filling cabinets. After their first pass, it seemed as if Spike and Abban would find no clues about their goal, the inventory list.

Fortunately Spike had Abban double check one stack of documents. Luck favored them as a clerk had made a mistake, though seemingly minor. The clerk had referenced documents in room ‘XX’ instead of using whatever code Jor had established. It was clear to Abban that ‘XX’ stood for hidden files where Jor tracked his illegal activities.

Armed with this confirmation that what they needed did exist, Spike and Abban finished their search. Two fierce dogs guarded a dead end hall. Seeing no reason to guard an empty hall, the pair assumed Jor had a hidden door near that area. Abban found it, disarming an alarm set to go off when the door opened.

It was nearly 3:00 am by this time and a sense of urgency restricted Abban’s searching of the small hidden room he had found. He hurriedly copied the relevant inventory list and he and Spike covered their tracks on their way out.

They agreed to meet at Hoggin’s Place for breakfast the next morning. Spike took the dead dog and found a lonely rubbish heap on which to dispose of it. Abban actually passed Jor and his band on his way out, but they didn’t recognize him and the moment passed.

Now that the group has the alchemy license level 5 and the index to tell them where the knock-out powder is in the warehouse, all that remains before they raid the noble’s manor is to go to the warehouse and get the powder.


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