Obscure Beginning

Out of nowhere is a good thing for thieves

May 26, 1050 AD

Abban and Spike met at Hoggin’s Place to discuss their next move. A couple of unusually sharp adventurer’s overheard talk of a job and wanted in.

Abban was a bit suspicious of anyone butting into his business, and put them through a quick test. Linooh, a halfling sorceress, and Raif, a human warlord, were willing to prove themselves. Linooh was enthusiastic in breaking into an unimpressive warehouse to steal and hawk some goods. Illegal activity was of no concern to her.

Raif was less eager to do harm in the name of personal gain, but played along by distracting the guards with urban legends. A couple of verbal fumbles by Raif and literal stumbles by Linooh led to some close calls. By mutual agreement the guards were put to sleep with weapons instead of words.

Proven, the two joined the raid on the Weathernel Manor. Hektor defended his authority over the group against Spike and, to a lesser extent, Abban. When the crew came together to share their progress, Abban and Spike were a bit less than satisfied with the rumor and half-measures brought by others.

Abban, in a feat of unseen serendipity, snuck in and out of a Fell Administration building to steal plans of Weathernel manor. Plans obtained the group struck out for the manor, only briefly distracted by Linooh’s attempts to tame a goat battle steed.

The Mists came with night to offer their obscurity to the adventure. With their help, the adventurers were able to sneak with Hektor to the backdoor of the manor. Abban opened it quietly, but apparently disturbed a resting guard. The time for blood letting had come.


zerkai zerkai

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