Opportunity stabs

In the left eye, generally

May 28, 1050 AD

Abban, Spike, Linooh, Raif, Hektor, and Elrad used some hit-and-keep-hitting tactics in a short but brutal fight to bring down Chozal of Hadrara’s mercenaries. It was lucky for the raiding thieves that they had such numbers as Chozal’s innate toughness and use of Soltech equipment made him more trouble than one dwarf is usually worth. Still, the little titan fell, was looted, and then promptly ignored.

Once the group regathered in the manor’s solar, Elrad divulged the ‘business arrangement’ he had mentioned earlier. It was simple, murder his aunts before his uncle Pagiel Weathernel arrived in Atar two weeks hence. Elrad has four aunts and there is little love lost between them and their nephew. Elrad could only provide limited details as none of his aunts made social calls on the young noble.

As part of the venture, Elrad would hire the adventurers as bodyguards, recycling Chozal’s license to carry Soltech arms to clear any problems with House Fell. In a burst of enthusiasm and bravado Elrad went to the local Fell administration building still covered in blood to demand his ‘rights’ as a noble. Linooh went along to keep an eye on Elrad and to help him lie, when necessary, since even passing peasants can tell when he’s about to speak mistruth.

Hektor, meanwhile, refused to participate in assassinating nobles. His deep fear of House Fell became apparent as his belligerence resurfaced. In the course of a somewhat heated conversation it came out the Hektor had been holding back some funds from the sale of excess knock-out powder. Abban and Spike were close to murdering the dwarf, but decided to relent due to Hektor’s significant contributions in the night’s festivities.

Hektor entered into retirement, for how long is uncertain, with a commitment to be willing to work with Spike and Abban in the future. Hektor’s three other crew-mates died in the raid and it will probably take him at least a few weeks to be ready for action again, regardless of other circumstances.

The crew split the treasure, deciding to keep the dowry and drugs instead of cashing them in, and spent a day picking up equipment and gathering information about the four aunts. Elrad had told them their names: Adara, Soreka, Chaya, and Gavrilla.

Adara is the second youngest and the heir apparent to the Weathernel estate. Soreka is the youngest and involved in merchant activities. Chaya is the oldest and is a journeyman Alchemist/Scholar/Tinkerer/Etc. Gavrilla is the second oldest and is a guard.

The crew was uncertain whether killing the four was actually the best course of action. Elrad’s behavior did not inspire confidence, to say the least, and Spike was particularly vocal about the importance of maintaining other options. It was at Linooh’s suggestion that the group decided to do some reconnaissance before committing one way or the other.

Death is permanent, in Atar as most places. Before aligning their fortunes with an arrogant, possibly incompetent, halfling with a penchant for stabbing servants and friends in the left eye, the adventurers wanted a bit of background.


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