Sprung Trap

No innocents were harmed in the murder of this noble.

June 6, 1050 AD

The crew used critical information received through Schtein’s organization to determine where and how they were going to spring their trap on Baron Pagiel Weathernel. After considering the two most likely choices, a run down light-industrial area or a street leading off of a busy market, they settled on the cover of a crowd. Besides, you never know what kind of explosions might get set off around old alchemical factories.

Terep, a bard, and his dwarven toughs were recruited for extra muscle. It was rumored that Baron Weathernel’s blind guard is good enough to apply to House Fell and it was thought wise to bring some extra help. The crew soon found the truth in that.

Schtein also revealed that the Baron’s intermediary destination of a Fell Administration building would secure the petty noble additional reinforcements. While the cost of such services is exorbitant the Baron’s own sources probably had informed him of dangers afoot at his manor and within his House. He just underestimated his opponents.

Several alchemical weapons and enhancements were purchased designed to allow movement amongst the crowd and the slowing or stopping of the crew’s prey. For the first time Abban, Spike, Linooh, Raj, and Raif began tapping into the power of alchemy. They weren’t quite quick enough on its use, however.

Prepared mentally and martially the crew spread out and hid in the crowd in the target area. Raj would give the signal to attack by summoning a column of lightning. The crowd was not considered a major concern as each of the crew is skilled enough to only kill when they want to.

As Pagiel approached with his guard Aba’ye, Pagiel’s blind guard, spotted Abban’s killer intent and attacked. With one attack from his gruesome weapon, Aba’ye severely injured Abban. Before the crowd had time to react, Raj cast fireball to cover Abban’s retreat, laying out dozens of uninvolved bystanders.

The fight continued in brutal fashion, exchanging blows and blood. Pagiel attempted a ‘tactical withdrawal’ but the crew hadn’t lost sight of their true goal and concentrated their efforts and bringing the Baron down. Right as Pagiel dodged into a building, one of Terep’s dwarves managed to knock him unconscious.

The fighting became a chaos of pain as Pagiel’s three guards attempted to close ranks and the crew began breaking them like a stone striking a snail. Steel and magic swirled, slashed by bursts of Sol, until the Baron was not only down but dead.

Shortly thereafter Aba’ye was knocked unconscious and Pagiel’s thugs scattered. Raif tossed Aba’ye over his shoulder and the crew sprinted through the dwindled crowd. Apparently Raif always has his eyes open for new recruits.

Baron Weathernel is dead. Long live House Weathernel.


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