Time passes by

Opportunity doesn't always knock, sometimes is breaks down the door.

June 1, 1050 AD

Through a series of covert operations, slip-ups, and quick recoveries Spike, Linooh and Raif managed to reach an accord with the Weathernel sisters in which the Baron Weathernel will be killed, Elrad inherit, and everybody (except probably the Baron) will get what they want.

The Baron will arrive in Atar on June 6. In preparation for his arrival the crew recruited a new member, Raj, commissioned some intelligence gathering and is looking to take some smallish jobs to gather resources and information.

One of those jobs involved taking out Greghor, the owner of a fertilizer business that was beginning to squeeze out competition. Accepting the commission, the crew set out to case the job. Greghor ran a large business, employing several hundred workers at his local warehouse/redistribution center. He had about 30 staff in addition to the day labor.

The crew trailed Greghor home and discovered that he and his 30 staff shared a tenement. Growing suspicious that a better opportunity wouldn’t present itself in the next several days, the crew broke and quickly identified where Greghor was likely sleeping.

Right when Spike was about to break open the door of the suspected room, a hue and cry went out and the crew was suddenly under attack. Having gotten strung out in the narrow hallway they had a difficult time. Greghor, who had indeed been in the room, fled after being seriously wounded. The crew took advantage of the confusion and hesitation to give chase to their target.

They caught up with him at his warehouse where he had gathered a few dozen laborers for his protection. Just when it seemed the opportunity may have been lost, Soreka and Chaya Weathernel stepped out of an alley.

Soreka quickly established that she was willing to help her ‘employees’, especially since it would give Chaya an opportunity to test out some new Alchemical weapons. Soreka left her sister, confident of success. While the crew was still deciding the best course of action, Abban came out of the shadows. He had returned from whatever business the Fell administrator had with him and had been trailing the group for the last several hours.

Abban also offered his assistance. The greatly strengthened crew resolved to try a feint and flank maneuver, causing a large disturbance in the warehouse’s main entrance while Abban snuck around the back to assassinate the target.

Unfortunately, the laborers’ weapons were shovels they had been using for their work, and as the battle progressed Linooh, Spike, and Raj contracted the Effluvium disease. However, the crew was able to handle themselves, even when Sol-corrupted humans entered the fray.

The plan worked in less than a minute Greghor was dead, his workers cowed, and the crew victorious over their foe. Shortly after the fight ended, a squad of Fell guards walked by. Initially the crew was worried about the bodies lying around but it soon became apparent that the guards were aware of a weapons smuggling operation being conducted by Greghor and that they weren’t bothered by the owner’s recent demise.

Following this startling turn of events, the crew acted swiftly to take control of the business. They seized the property, recruited Greghor’s old staff, and managed to find the hidden office where the necessary, official paperwork was kept.

Having secured the business, but having absolutely no interest in running a fecal factory, Spike persuaded the crew to get the man who had hired them for the job to run the business on their behalf.

The man’s name ended up being Bahmat who, after some persuading, was willing to run the business for a 30% cut of the profits. The crew gained a source of steady income but hadn’t yet sorted out to do with the tons of weapons that were in their possession.

With five days until the Baron’s arrival Linooh, Spike, Raif, Raj, and Abban have little time to prepare. They gained some critical information from Schtein Balebatewe’s organization about time and place to attack the Baron. But it remains to be seen if their current resources are sufficient for the task or if Hadara, the mercenary group who the Baron had hired, will interfere.

Beyond their immediate challenge, they also have to decide how to build their budding empire and how to defend against those who will want a piece of what they have. To say nothing of those who are already established and ready to defend what’s theirs.


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