Work for it

Work hard, steal hard

May 23, 1050 AD

Having gotten the license and the warehouse location for the knock-out powder, Abban and Spike had only one task left in their assignment. Actually getting the powder.

The warehouse where the powder was stored is owned by Eliyahu, an extremely efficient and well-regarded business man. Part of his efficiency is found in the numbering system he uses in his warehouse. While Abban had gotten the number, neither he or Spike had any idea what the number, 8.36.C.5 meant.

With some casual conversation amongst the local workers they were able to find out the gist of how the system worked, but they also needed access to pinpoint the powder’s location. So they went to work. Normal practice is to hire people from a local square every morning and then pay them for the day’s wages once they’re done.

Spike and Abban each found their own way to get noticed by Eliyahu’s hiring foreman. Once they were working they simply kept their eyes open until they spotted the goods they needed. Having heard that stealing from the warehouse was a crime that could only be committed once, they decided to do a night raid and spent several days gathering information and materials.

One problem, how to get in. Then there were about 15 more problems, the guards and their dogs. Getting in proved the more difficult part, as the windows were heavily barred. Abban took to the wire jungle and found that the warehouse had numerous skylights that were virtually unguarded. Abban acquired some acid from the waste of a machine cleaning plant and used it to eat away the bolts holding the thick glass to the roof.

Then he and Spike used stealth, strength, and luck to break in, grab a crate of knock-out powder, and get out without the guards being any the wiser.

Spike offered to carry the crate to Hektor’s warehouse for storage but was interrupted by a self-important guard. Fortunately, Abban had been trailing Spike and a hard flung stone took the guard out in one shot.

Goods delivered, Spike and Abban got some sleep. They have only a few days left before Hektor’s deadline on raiding Baron Weathernel’s manor. It’s time to gather the crew and get moving.


That is so cool!!

Work for it
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