Skunking the skunk

Don't steal from a thief

May 17, 1050 AD

The party did a hit on a low-level administration building. To cover their real goal (stealing an alchemist license) they organized a hit on the confiscated goods. They recruited three people to assist: Gavish, Sarig, and Abiel.

Gavish proved he was skilled and willing to do more than the minimum on the job, helping Spike and Ishshah while they were distracting the guards.

Sarig is muscle. Simple, easy, cheap. Don’t expect anything amazing here.

Abiel is a burglar. He broke into the side door to allow Gavish and Sarig into the storehouse. It became clear later that he did not share his haul with the group, as agreed. Spike, Ishshah, and Gavish took Abiel out to a lonely cove and beat the location of the loot out of him. Meanwhile Abban picked up some local info and found the loot in Abiel’s inn room.

Abiel wasn’t killed but he was definitely shown the error of his ways.

During all of these proceedings Abban concealed himself from Gavish, Sarig, and Abiel so that they are currently unaware of his involvement.

The party began to scout out the inn of Jor Jarn in an attempt to locate his inventory list. With the list the party will be able to locate the knock-out powder Jor keeps in a warehouse.


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